****Update on our roof situation**** As some of you may already know, part of t…


****Update on our roof situation****

As some of you may already know, part of the copper flashing has seperated from the center ridge of our church roof. We are currently in the process of trying to repair it. We have made the necessary arrangements to have it fixed. However, We need a police officer to block Jackson Street in order for the roofers to fixit. With the current situation in the city the Police we are currently stalled because the police department does not currently have resources available to assist us in this matter. Once the current situation in our city has calmed down, the Police will once again be able to allocate the man power to block the street so that we can continue on with the necessary roof repairs. We thank all of our neighbors who have brought the roof situation to our attention and we would like you to all be aware of the current status in the repair process. As the situation progresses, we shall continue to keep you posted as to our progress.

During these troubling times in our city, let us all continue to pray for one another, especially for those in our Police department, striving to maintain a sense of peace and order throughout the city.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help, pray for us!
St. Michael the Archangel, pray for us!
St. Florian, pray for us!