There are three things we can do to help increase the size of Christ’s one flock, to help other lost sheep come under the care of

the one good shepherd. They are the three Ws.

First, the way we treat other people.

  • We are sons and daughters of Christ the King.
  • And so, our manner, our way of holding ourselves, should be full of dignity, generosity, openness, elegance, and joy.
  • If we let God’s grace work in our hearts, it will shine through our eyes, our words, our gestures, and we will become living advertisements for our eternal good shepherd.

    Second, our work.

Whatever we do—job, study, hobby, housework, sports—we, as followers of Christ, should stand out for our responsibility, dependability, and commitment to excellence and integrity.

  • We are children of God!
  • We are ambassadors of the Creator of the universe!

How could we ever let sloppiness, laziness, and indifference contaminate our daily activities? Third, our words.

  • Like Peter in today’s First Reading, we should al- ways be ready to use our words to spread truth, hope, and encouragement, to light or feed the fire of faith in the hearts of those around us.
  • As Catholics, there is no room in our lives for gossip, useless tale-bearing, or biting and wounding criticism.
  • In the Eucharist, we receive Jesus Christ himself in our mouths; what a tragic, painful irony it would be if that same mouth were to go out and spit poison at those around us!

    We are graced to be members of Christ’s one flock, his Catholic Church.

    As Jesus renews his commitment to us in this holy Mass, let’s thank him for that grace, and let’s promise that this week we’ll try not to hog it all to ourselves.