Good morning, Saints! This Blessed woman was born in Prussia but would find hers…

Good morning, Saints! This Blessed woman was born in Prussia but would find herself and her Sisters in the US taking care of soldiers during the Civil War.

Happy Feast Day, Blessed Mary Frances Schervier, 1819-1876, December 15!

Mothers can very easily feel taken for granted sometimes as they put the needs of others first. It's only when we become parents, ourselves, that we can better understand. Mothers aren't perfect by a looong shot but the vast majority make many sacrifices for their children. While Mary Frances was never married nor a mother, she cared for many, many people in her lifetime.

Mary Frances wanted to be a religious Sister, a Trappist in particular, but instead she felt God calling her to build another community of Sisters who would take care of those who were sick and elderly in the US and around the world.

Born in Prussia, which was a part of France at that time, her mother passed away and she took over the family responsibilities and became well known for her great charity to the poor. She became a Secular Franciscan. Her community would become the Sisters of the Poor of St. Francis.

Mother Frances visited the US in 1863 where she and her Sisters took care of the soldiers injured during the Civil War. She returned 5 years later when Philip Hoever was founding the Brothers of the Poor of St. Francis. She supported his efforts, too.

At her death in 1876, there were 2500 Sisters worldwide. They still operate hospitals and nursing homes today.

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Blessed Mary Frances Schervier, pray for us! Help us to better understand that as we care for others, we must care for ourselves, too. God is not done with us yet and we must be able to hear the Voice that gives direction to our efforts. Amen, Alleluia!

God bless us all! Blessed Mary Frances Schervier, be with us on our journeys today and every day! Have a joyful Sunday! Happy 3rd Sunday of Advent – Gaudete (Rejoice) Sunday!

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