From the Pastor’s Desk Sept 15, 2019

Christ’s parables always teach us something about God, but they also teach us something about ourselves. The parables we just listened to clearly highlight

God’s mercy, his active love for sinners. They also give us an answer to the most dif􏰀cult and urgent question that the human family has had to face in every generation: what is the meaning of our lives? First, the parable of the lost sheep: When a sheep is lost and separated from the flock, it is helpless and vulnerable. It needs the flock and the shepherd to protect and guide it. Just so, every human person is created to 􏰀nd meaning and ful􏰀llment in communion with God and others – thus the two great commandments of loving God and loving our neighbor. We were not created to be isolated, self- suf􏰀cient islands; we are meant to depend on God and others as we pursue happiness. Second, the parable of the lost coin: The lost coin is completely without value unless it is possessed by its owner, unless it is part of the household’s economy. Even if it had been a gold piece worth 1000 day’s wages, it would be completely worthless if it stayed buried in the dust under the sofa – it would be of absolutely no use to anyone. Likewise, our actions and efforts in life only have real value when they are connected to the mission of the Church, the mission of building up Christ’s Kingdom. Outside of the Kingdom we can do things and have adventures that appear exciting, but they lack the eternal value that they are meant to have, just like the coin that was lost. Both parables reiterate the same lesson: our lives can only 􏰀nd meaning and ful􏰀llment through Christ, with Christ, and in Christ.