From the Pastor’s Desk


All of us here today want to know and follow God’s will for our lives.

  • Some more and some less, but all of us share, at least to some degree, that fundamental desire; it’s one of the reasons we have come to Mass.
  • The desire is in itself a sign of God’s presence in our souls, a sign that he is guiding us.
  • Many of our brothers and sisters in Christ have re- ceived the same baptism and Catholic formation that we have, and yet, they don’t come to Mass anymore.
  • They no longer desire to follow Christ; they have chosen to follow someone else.
  • But somehow God has kept alive in our hearts that prayer uttered so beautifully in today’s Psalm: “Here I am, O Lord, I come to do your will.”

We should be deeply grateful that God has kept that de- sire burning.

But on the other hand, how can we discover what God’s will is?

Today, God is reminding us of one of his most favorite methods of communicating his will: through human messengers.

  • The young prophet Samuel had been chosen to lead and instruct God’s people and to anoint the first two Kings of ancient Israel.
  • But when God first started to speak to Samuel’s heart, the future spiritual hero didn’t even know how to recognize his voice.
  • Eli, his spiritual guide and a priest of God, had to teach him.
  • John and Andrew had been chosen by God to become two of the twelve pillars of the Church, the Apostles.
  • And yet, Jesus walked right by them on the bank of the River Jordan, and they didn’t even recognize him.
  • John the Baptist had to point him out, twice, before they got the message and decided to follow their calling.

Many times, God speaks through human messengers.