Presentation of the Lord

Forty days after Jesus was born, Mary and Joseph brought him to the great Temple in Jerusalem. There they presented Jesus to the Heavenly Father. That was the Jewish law. The Holy Family obeyed it with loving hearts.

While they were in the Temple, Mary also fulfilled another requirement of the law. After the birth of their children, all Jewish mothers were supposed to go to the Temple for the ceremony called the Purification. Mary did her duty cheerfully. She teaches us to be humble and obedient as she was.

A holy old man named Simeon was in the Temple. He had learned from God that the Infant Jesus was truly the Savior. With what joy he held Mary’s Son in his arms. “My own eyes are looking at my salvation!” he exclaimed. God let Simeon recognize Jesus as the Savior, and Simeon put his trust in Jesus. Imagine what Mary and Joseph were thinking. Then, inspired by God, Simeon told Mary that she would have to suffer very much. He was talking about the terrible pain our Blessed Mother would feel when Jesus died on the cross.

This feast of the Presentation reminds us that we belong to God first of all. Because he is our Father and Creator, we owe him our loving obedience.


We, too, can try to be like Mary and Joseph. We can cheerfully obey our parents, guardians and teachers in all that is right. We can ask the Holy Family to help us live in goodness and love.